Marine Planning

Planning for the use of space and resources in the marine and coastal environment is becoming more and more important as we recognise the value of this area for our economy, wildlife, leisure, transportation and energy production.Freight being loaded onto a ship by a crane

Balancing the long-term management of society, the economy, and the marine environment requires an integrated approach which takes a long-term view. Marine planning is similar to development planning on land, in that it informs and guides users and regulators across England about development, and conservation and protection of wildlife and their habitats.

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is responsible for developing marine spatial plans in the UK, in partnership with local authorities, coastal forums, communities and any other interested groups. The MMO will develop a clear plan to manage the demands being placed on and around our coast and seas, and will guide decision-making at the local level.

Through marine planning the MMO aims to take a long-term, inclusive view to ensure that different activities take place in the most suitable locations, that all marine users have an opportunity to contribute to marine plans, and that all possible benefits and impacts of current and future activities are taken into consideration.

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