Understanding France Today

The originality of the LiCCo project in France is that it links nature expertise with that of social and economic. The aim is to make the stakeholders aware using workshop sites and to provide adapted tools to be shared by all.

Within the framework of LiCCo all of the French sites should have:

– A study on how the areas function

– A sociological study to understand the wishes and fears of the local stakeholders

– A comparison of methods and results between the sites, regionally and crossborder

– An evaluation of the reliability of the data acquired in the long term


Depending on what challenges have been identified, the sites will have an in depth study concerning questions that are relative to the shoreline, the biodiversity (terrestrial, maritime and avifauna habitats), and socio-economic uses.

Also, each French site will have:

–          A LIDAR overview (aerial laser) for the data base compiled by Caen University

–          A cartographic analysis showing the evolution of geomorphological aspects of the coast, human activities and the uses during the last decades.

–          A local restitution

–          An explanation of scenarios for 2025-2050 with local exchanges, envisaged strategies for sea level rises of GIEC, submersion risks and data provided by State services.