Constructing a National Coastal Strategy in France

The Cousin Report, the basis for a national coastal strategy

Mr. Alain COUSIN, the Deputy for the Manche, handed over his report on Shoreline management to the Minister responsible for Ecology, sustainable Development, Transport and Housing on 2nd November 2011.

Conforming to those commitments set out by the “Grenelle de la mer” agreement, the report suggests a national ‘road map’ for battling coastal erosion and the receding shoreline, the limit between land and sea. This report should be used as the basis for drafting the National Strategy for Shoreline Management (SNGTC).

The storm Xynthia, which struck the Charentais coast in the spring of 2010, underlined the need for the State and local authorities to have, along the length of the coast, a medium and long term view of the shoreline’s evolution.

The working party, led by Deputy Alain Cousin, was set up in December 2010. It includes representatives of the five bodies of the “Grenelle de la mer” agreement (State, authorities, NGOs, unions, professionals). It has permitted concrete and workable proposals to be adopted and shared by all the parties.

Following on from this report called “Cousin”, a doctrine has been drafted at a national level for the littoral (by the Minister responsible for Ecology, sustainable Development, Transport and Housing). It can be found at

A national strategy for managing flood risks, especially tidal flooding. It has not been completed. buy dapoxetine in edmonton canada discount prices . men’s health. personal care, pain relief, erection packs.

The Preliminary Evaluation of Flood Risks (EPRI) in the Seine-Normandy basin that concerns our study sector has finished and the mapping of tidal floods has now been made public. You can consult them at

The law has foreseen the possibility that the State put in place constraints for the public good so that the urbanization of those zones most at risk can be limited. These constraints take the form of risk prevention plans (PPR). The implementation of these risk prevention plans is a measure adapted to the issues at stake. The studies carried out within the remit of these PPRs allow the dangers and, consequently, the risks to be defined. The State drafts and implements the risk prevention plans. Local authorities and the EPCI affected are associated with the drafting of the projected plan, which is approved by the Prefect after a public inquiry and discussion by the affected local councils. The first five Coastal Risk Prevention Plans (PPRL) in Basse-Normandy were decreed in December 2011 (Dives-Orne, Bessin, Saint-Vaast, Barneville et Montmartin-sur-Mer). There are eight priority PPRLs in Haute-Normandy. They will be approved before 2014 (Dieppe, Rouxmesnil-Bouteilles, Arques la bataille, Martin-Eglise, Hautot-sur-Mer, Saint-Aubin-sur-Scie, Sainte-Marguerite-sur-Mer, Quiberville).

Atlases of zones situated under sea level are available on the DREAL website at